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What to do in Torrevieja for Families

Resting with children in Torrevieja is possible not only on the beaches. In this article, we will tell you what places to visit during your holiday in Torrevieja with your family.

Aquopolis Torrevieja

aquopolis torrevieja

A day spent at Aquopolis water park will definitely please your children. A fun children’s pool and dizzying descents, active entertainment and places for relaxation, coaches and animators – all this can be found on its territory.

The area of the water park is 90,000 sq. m, and its rides are divided by age to ensure risk-free for your kids.

Find prices and more information on the website.

Aqua Park Flamingo Torrevieja

aquapark flamingo torrevieja

This water park is suitable for smaller children, the ones older than twelve might find it boring. Flamingo Water Park will leave an unforgettable experience – small slides for children, extreme slopes for teenagers, vigilant and attentive staff, a bar and chill area for adults and a play area for kids – you will not be bored here!

Prices for entrance tickets are 14€ for adults (13-59 years) and 12€ for children (4-12 years). Children under 4 years old for free.

Amusement Park in Torrevieja Port

There are no entrance tickets to the territory of the “Recinto Ferial” amusement park – admission is free. However, in order to ride each of the attractions, you need to purchase a ticket from the machine next to it.

The atmosphere of the fair with its endless bright and cheerful bustle reigns in the park.
“Recinto Ferial” in Spanish is the market square of the city. Torrevieja itself is quite a modern and dynamic resort, but everything here remains the same as it was several decades ago.

Theme Park “Recinto Ferial” is a compactly located attractions. On one side, they are surrounded by souvenir rows and kiosks with goodies. On the other side, there is a large parking lot, through which you can go to the embankment. From here begins the path to the lighthouse – one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Torrevieja.

There is a whole restaurant street nearby where you can find establishments representing almost every corner of the globe. For the sake of such a gastronomic trip, it is worth visiting the park separately, even if you do not plan to ride the attractions.

Museum of Sea and Salt

museum of sea and salt torrevieja

It will be interesting and informative for both children and adults to visit the paleontological museum and the Museum of Sea and Salt, the main source of income of this town throughout history.

Albatros III Patrol Boat Floating Museum and Submarine S-61 Dolphin

The Submarine Dolphin S-61 and Torrevieja Floating Museum Albatros are real boat remnant of the Spanish Armada Navy. These are part of the Museum of Sea and Salt, cultural heritage of Torrevieja.

After 33 years of service, it was turned into a floating museum. The submarine is 57.8 meters long, and during its use, there were 1 commander, 7 officers, 15 non-commissioned officers and 33 marines on board. The boat could dive to a depth of 300 meters.

Visitors can get acquainted with the interior of this submarine, and thus get an idea of how the crew lived and survived on board. There is not a lot of space in the submarine: every centimetre was well thought out and had its own purpose. Crew members often had to share a berth with colleagues. They worked in shifts. Therefore, when one was asleep, the other was at work.

Next to the Delfin S-61, there is a patrol boat, Albatros III. After several years of service, in 2006 it was transferred to the status of a museum.

*Important Update: Submarine S-61 Dolphin is temporarily closed.

Parque de las Naciones

park of the nations torrevieja

You can take a relaxed walk and enjoy flora and fauna in the Park of the Nations “Parque de las Naciones”. Children can explore around and find turtles, rabbits, peacocks and many other birds. Also, kids find fun the playground with a big slide with the shape of a dinosaur.

Things to do for families near Torrevieja

If you are ready to travel outside Torrevieja, then the choice of entertainment for children is practically unlimited. You can go both in the direction of Alicante and Murcia.

Rio Safari Zoo (Elche)

rio safari elche zoo near torrevieja

The closest zoo is located in Elche and is called Rio Safari. Here the child will see many animals living in huge pens. You can drive through the park on a special train that will take you to places that cannot be reached on foot.

The park hosts numerous shows with animals and birds. Some animals, such as lemurs, can be fed. The park has a pool with water slides, and go-karts are located nearby. Prices and timetables can be found on the website.

Aquapark – Aquanatura and Zoo Park -Terranatura (Benidorm)

aqua natura benidorm aqua park near torrevieja

There are two parks in the city of Murcia, which are recommended to visit together. These are Aquanatura water park and Terranatura animal park. The parks are not crowded and absolutely wonderful.

The water park has several slides, a toddler pool and a lazy river. In addition to restaurants and cafes, the park has a picnic area where you can have a snack with food taken with you.

If you go to Terranatura Park, do not forget to bring carrots with you to feed the giraffes.

The park is designed so that you walk along wooden bridges, and you can watch the zebras, ostriches and bears living here from above.
Similar parks Aquanatura and Terranatura are located on the other side of Torrevieja – in Benidorm. Their territory is somewhat larger, and they are also very interesting.

You can find out about the schedule and promotions of this group of parks on the website.

Terra Mitica (Benidorm)

terra mitica benidorm amusement park near torrevieja

It’s almost impossible to visit Torrevieja with children and not visit the largest amusement park Terra Mítica. Even if you were unaware of its existence, your children will still be told about it by new friends they will meet on the beach. And after that, it will be easier for you to immediately go there than to listen to the prayers and requests of your child every day.

What is Terra Mitica? This is a huge amusement park located in the city of Benidorm. You pay only for the entrance ticket and you can ride any attraction an unlimited number of times. Children taller than 140 cm are allowed on the most interesting and scary of them, such as a huge roller coaster, or a giant swinging washer. Younger children are allowed to go to the rest of the rides.

Please note that some of the entertainment is water-related. Therefore, it is better to wear shoes that you can get wet and take spare T-shirts with you.

More information can be found at their website.

Mundomar (Benidorm)

mundomar benidorm near torrevieja

You can visit Mundomar – a park of dolphins and fur seals. It hosts shows with these animals several times a day.

In the immediate vicinity of Mundomar, there is the largest water park on the coast of Aqualandia. A day spent in it will give a lot of joy to children. Here, in addition to traditional slides, there are many pools for toddlers, various rope structures and bungee jumping into the water, a wave pool, a lazy river, and so on.
Park website

Canelobre Caves (Alicante)

canelobre caves alicante near torrevieja

With children, it will be interesting to visit the Canelobre Cave, which is located near Alicante. This cave differs from the others in that it has a very high height and a short length.

Many children and parents enjoy visiting the Valor Chocolate Factory and the Turron Museum, on the same day. Here you can not only see how these sweets are made but also taste and buy the ones you like.

Sports for Kids in Torrevieja

surf kids torrevieja

In addition to entertainment, in Torrevieja, children can practise various sports, the healthier and fun way to entertain our kids. There are tennis schools. There are also yacht schools for children in the city, and of course the most favourite between the young ones, surfing schools.

Day Trips from Torrevieja for families

If you are on vacation with your family in Torrevieja, you may be interested in day trips to the incredibly picturesque towns surrounding Torrevieja. We organize tours to Alicante, Guadalest, Altea, Benidorm and other cities on the Costa Blanca. This entertainment will appeal to all family members. Join us and enjoy your vacation with Van Tours.

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Altea Day Trip and Villajoyosa

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