Murcia Day Trip and Orihuela Town


Murcia Day Trip and Orihuela Town - A day away from the beach

Murcia Day Trip and Orihuela Town includes pick up/drop off from Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa (upon request, free of charge), guided walking city tour to most important landmarks and sights of both cities, like the Old Town streets, and most famous architectural monuments.

Murcia and Orihuela Landmarks

You will see the best and more relevant spots in Orihuela and Murcia all in one day.

Fully Guided Tour to Murcia and Orihuela

Your guide shares informative commentary at all of the sights during the all journey.

Personal Approach

Small groups, to ensure you get the best service and non-restrictive timing.

Pick Up/Drop off

For your comfort and convenience, your guide can pick you up (upon request/free of charge).



Murcia Day Trip and Orihuela Itinerary

8:00/9:00 AM - Pick up and Heading to Orihuela
Your Guide will pick you up at the indicated address and time during the booking process and you will drive towards Orihuela.
Orihuela Town Walking Tour
You will go on a walking tours to visit the nicest monuments and after that you will drive up to Orihuela’s hill where are the castle ruins and a view point of the city surrounded by mountains.
Lunch Break
In the meantime you can have lunch. Your guide will show you and recommend you a place to eat, depending on your preferences; or feel free to explore and choose by your own.
*NOTICE* that the lunch is not included in the price.
Murcia Walking Tour
When you reach Murcia, you will go on a guided walking tour through the most important and nicest sights and streets of this capital city of region of Murcia.
5:00 PM Returning to Torrevieja and Drop-off
When returning your guide will drop you at the indicated address during the booking process or wherever you ask him for, if you switch your plans.

45 €/person

Murcia Day Trip and Orihuela Town looks like fun? Join and Enjoy with Van Tours!

About Murcia

Murcia is a large city in the southeastern part of Spain and the administrative centre of the region of the same name. Located on the banks of the Segura River, 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Murcia is a kind of compromise between a bustling metropolis and a province. A university city with a rich history, which is characterized by calmness.

Tourist Attractions in Murcia Spain

When visiting Murcia, you can enjoy is rich in historical and cultural sites, attractions, presented here in the form of cathedrals, castles, squares, museums and monuments.

Cathedral of Murcia and the Bishop's Palace

Murcia Cathedral (Catedral de Murcia) or Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Iglesia Catedral de Santa María) is the main attraction in Murcia city.

The construction of the temple began in 1388 and continued until 1467. The cathedral was expanded more than once, so its architecture reflected the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and neoclassicism styles. In the middle of the 19th century, the building suffered a severe fire after it, the central altar and choir had to restore completely.

Palacio Episcopal de Murcia was founded in the 17th century, completed in 1786. The palace complex consists of two buildings: the high observation deck of Martillo and the residence, decorated in the spirit of mannerism. The walls of the buildings are painted with bright fresco ornaments.

Most interesting things to see inside the palace are the Bishop’s Chapel, the imperial staircase and the patio with three arcades. The balcony of the palace is decorated with the shield of Bishop Roche.

Real Casio De Murcia

Real Casio de Murcia located near the Cathedral, on Traperia street. The architecture of the building combines the late Baroque, neo-Moorish, neoclassical style with elements of modernism.

The casino built by the architect Pedro Cerdan, the interior patio decor, stylized in the style of the Alhambra, was made by Manuel Castagnos. The most impressive of the interior spaces is the Ballroom built in 1875. The Royal Casino houses a Victorian library with a collection of 20,000 volumes.

About Orihuela

Orihuela is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Valencia. Founded by the ancient Romans, it is a city of monuments, monasteries and palaces. Moreover, many historical monuments are perfectly preserved and amaze with their splendour.

Things to do in Orihuela

Despite its small size, Orihuela has a lot to see. It is a city with a rich history. Orihuela first settlement dates back to the Bronze Age (about 3.5 thousand years ago), that is why there are interesting historical sights here.

Convent of St. Domingo and Cathedral of Orihuela

Two religious buildings that aren’t going to left you indifferent.

Convent of St Domingo of Orihuela is a fully-functional private primary and secondary school. The chapel in the golden layout is magnificent.

The construction of the holy Catholic church dates back to the beginning of the XIV century. Strictly Gothic style, without the slightest signs of being distracted by any other styles.

The main altar of the Cathedral is rightfully considered an artistic value: from the sides framed with Gothic gratings, and its central part is closed by a beautiful piece of medieval casting – a Renaissance grating. In the last century, the main chapel and altar were damaged during the Civil War but subsequently restored. The Cathedral also owns several chapels, rich in their decoration and historical past.

Orihuela Old Town

Here you will discover typical Spanish landscapes, narrow streets, multi-coloured facades with graceful balconies decorated with flowers. Almost the entire old centre of Orihuela is a historical reserve with many architectonical monuments.

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