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Whats on in Benidorm 2021

Benidorm is a holiday city, a city of entertainment and nightlife, festivals and events. In this article, we will answer “What’s on in Benidorm in 2021”. We will tell you about Benidorm’s national holidays, music festivals and other events in the city. 


Festivals and events in Benidorm 2021

Low Festival Music Festival 2021

July 30 – August 1

The most famous bands from Spain and other countries performing the festival. The festival will take place at the stadium Guillermo Amor and will last three days. It is one of the finest venues on the national festival stage, with a large green area (over 30,000 m2) and various spaces. The music festival attracts over 40 thousand music lovers every summer (no more than 25 thousand every day). The organizers guarantee visitors a comfortable stay, without crowds and with a unique eco-friendly atmosphere. The organizers of the festival are in favour of ecology. Therefore, plastic is not used on sites when selling food and drinks. The festival also adheres to the concept of low cost to attract all segments of the public. The minimum ticket price for one day is 40 euros. A program with the best bands and DJs of the national and international stage is waiting for you; spacious and comfortable infrastructure; green lounge areas for recreation and a swimming pool; international restaurants with vegetarian food and non-alcoholic beer. There are also two VIP zones at your service (one of them with the already legendary VIP pool, an Olympic pool for artists and a music press)


Benidorm Pride 2021

September 1 – September 5

Benidorm Pride 2021 will run from September, 1 to September, 5. It is just the 10th parade in Benidorm and should be the biggest, and most impressive, event on the Costa Blanca in 2021! Planned with vibrant events in Playa Levante and open-air parties on the main stage during the parade, visitors can expect an exciting week at the resort that never really sleeps.


Reggaeton Beach Festival 2021

July 10 – July 11

On July 10 and July 11, the Reggaeton Beach Festival, an urban music event, will be celebrated again in Benidorm after last year´s success. Reggaeton Beach will be a national and international festival. At the festival is expected to have 12 to 15 artists, and that the approximate capacity is around 15,000 spectators. The festival will begin in the daytime and run until midnight.


Tribute to the Route; 90's Benidorm 2021

August 14

On August 14, Benidorm hosts a new music festival. Two producers, Iberia Festival and Star Boy Quarterback have teamed up. They will bring artists like Double You, Tina Cousins, Jerry Daley, Double Vision, DJ Space to Benidorm, and historical La Ruta DJs like Arturo Roger, Chumi, DJ, Batiste, Kike Jaén, Tonet Marzá and other prominent figures of the 90s music scene. The festival will be present by the legendary speaker of the Bikini Club, Vicente Luis Bartual.


Benidorm British Fancy Dress Party 2021

November 12

The British Masquerade Party is one of the most impressive of the year. If you are in Benidorm in November, we advise you to get involved and dress up. This holiday began more than 20 years ago when Manolo from Sinatras offered a free drink to everyone, who dressed up. Now, of course, the number of such people has grown so much that this is impossible.

Innovation In The Sun 2021

June 22 – June 29

Innovation in the Sun 2021 is the world’s longest-running drum and bass festival, taking place for the first time in Benidorm, Spain in 2021. The festival has previously hosted headliners such as DJ Guv, Hazard, Hype and King of Shadows, and many other artists. The festival also offers foam and pool parties, UV paint parties, a wave pool and even private boat parties.


Visor Fest 2021

September 17 – September 18 

The Visor Fest will feature artists and international bands from the 80s and 90s. The styles are although rock, pop and electronic music predominate. 


The information presented in the article is for informational purposes only. You can find official detailed information on the official websites. Van Tours is not responsible for cancellations or rescheduling of events. 

Benidorm National Holidays Benidorm

In Spain, a holiday is a lifestyle and a must for everyone. They are celebrating in big cities and tiny villages.

If you are going to spend your vacation in Benidorm, we advise you to check national and local holidays. If your travel dates on holidays, you get the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture and history. Some holidays are common to Spain and throughout Europe but, some of them celebrating only in Benidorm or only in the autonomous province of Valencia.


January 5 – Holiday Cabalgata de Reyes Magos, the holiday of the Three Wise Men. Three wise kings come to the streets of Benidorm and other cities in Spain and give gifts to children. Santa Claus is also quite popular in Spain, but, it is tradition, that it is three wise men, who give gifts to children. On December 25, children can receive a gift from Santa Claus, but on January 6 they expect gifts from the three wise men.


The Funeral of the Sardine is celebrating this month. Based on the old mythology, she dies to give new life and therefore provides a good catch. This day is celebrating with music, festivities, carnival costumes and processions.


This month is full of holidays.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day, Día de San Patricio.
In Spain, St. Patrick is the patron saint of the city of Murcia and the ancient kingdom of Murcia. St. Patrick is also the patron saint of the Albuñol city in Granada.
The celebration of San Patricio is associated with Irish symbolism, Christian and non-Christian. St. Patrick’s Day in Benidorm is celebrated by dressing in all green, preparing Irish food and Irish drinks, and attending processions. In some bars and pubs, you can even find green beer specifically for the celebration of St. Patrick. Also, St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in most of Benidorm’s bars, where Guinness flows like a river. But March 17 is not officially considered a public holiday in Benidorm.

March 18 – Las Fallas de San José
The famous Valencian holiday Las Fallas de San José happens on March 18. Las Fallas festival in Valencia symbolizes the beginning of spring. During the Valencian festival of Las Fallas in Benidorm, satirical figures of famous characters are getting burned. Benidorm is home to three epicentres where the Las Fallas bonfires blaze: La Falla Centro, La Falla Rincón and la Falla “Els Tolls”. The Las Fallas festival in Benidorm is always a festive procession, street entertainment and beautiful fireworks.


April 1 – April 8 – Easter Week, Semana Santa. 

Easter in Spain is celebrating with a whole week of the weekend. During the celebration of Easter week, the monasteries organize Easter processions. One or more monasteries may participate. During the festival, each brotherhood carries biblical sculpture scenes that depict the crucifixion of Christ or scenes with the Virgin Mary.


June 23 – June 24 – San Juan
At the end of June in Spain celebrate the shortest night of the year. From June 23 to June 24, the country celebrates San Juan (Saint Juan’s Night). For the Spaniards, this is the favourite event of the summer season.
San Juan has its roots in ancient pagan times, a summer night symbolizing the victory of light over the darkness. That is why the symbols of the holiday are the fire and the sun, which cleanse the world from evil spirits, and water – a symbol of life, development and prosperity.
It is impossible to imagine a Spanish holiday without dancing, bright and incendiary. During the holiday, everyone, young and old, dances with joy and wealth, tourists willingly join these dances.

July and August

During these months, massive open-air concerts and other musical events take place here. It is the most popular tourist season in Benidorm, so you will find a lot to discover here.


October 4 – October 10 – The feast of the Moors and Christians

he feast of the Moors and Christians is one of the most spectacular festivals in Benidorm. The Feast of the Moors and Christians is celebrated all over Spain but this holiday is most colourful in the coastal, where each town celebrates the expulsion of the Moors in its way. If you are lucky enough to be in Benidorm in October, then go to the Plaza de Ispanidad to personally take part in the events taking place.


November 9 – November 14 – The feast of the Virgin Mary, and the feast of the patron saint of Benidorm, Saint Jaime.
The November festivities in Benidorm are one of the most colourful of the year. The whole week of the November holidays is very noisy. The locals gather in companies that spend the whole week in a bar enjoying sangria, wine or beer, which is available in unlimited quantities. During this week, parties are happening in the streets. There are many events in Ispanidad Square during the daytime, and there is also a colourful show on the hilltop next to Plaza de Toros.

November 16 –  Artichoke festival, la Carxofa. 

Celebrate in Benidorm at the Plaza de Constitución. Do not be surprised, because the Spaniards holidays dedicated to anything. The artichoke festival is similar to Thanksgiving in the United States or the harvest festival. It is a gastronomic holiday. In the city, at this time you can taste various gastronomic delicacies. 


In Spain, Christmas has a special place among all other holidays. In the Old Town, you will find many compositions dedicated to the Nativity scene. The year ends with the traditional eating of grapes to the chimes.

Amusement parks in Benidorm

Terra Mitica

The entertainment complex “Terra Mitica” is known far beyond the borders of Spain. It was built in 2000 in the city of Benidorm on an area of about 100 hectares. It is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Europe. “Land of myths” – this is how its name sounds in translation, which fully justifies the infrastructure created in the epic style.

The amusement park is located on a high hill of the Costa Blanca. Park divided into 5 sectors – Egypt, Rome, Greece, Iberia and the Mediterranean islands – thematic zones corresponding to a certain era and conveying the mythical atmosphere of that time. Each zone demonstrates the culture of a particular civilization in a specific historical period.

Aqua Natura (Aquapark) and Terra Natura (Zoo)

Aqua Natura and Terre Natura is two parts of one park; can be visited in 1 day (there is this type of tickets).

It is a combination of a zoo and a water park, where they tried to recreate the natural habitat for animals of the sea and land. The park contains one and a half thousand animals and 2.5 thousand plant.

It covers an area of 36 hectares, located next to Terra Mítica. Park divided into five zones – Pangea, America, Asia, Mare Nostrum, Europe and corresponding to three parts of the world (continents): Europe, Asia, America. Each has its flora and fauna, traditions, architecture, culture, local population, folk art, craft, national cuisine.


Aqualandia is a water park worth seeing. One of the largest water parks on the Costa Blanca. It has a huge amount of entertainment for everyone, especially for the smallest children from 3 years old and older. The pool with big “Atlantic” waves, geysers, water jumps, bungee jumps, beaches, caves, a pool with sea lions and much more attract attention. The water in the pools and on the attractions is seawater (the park itself located not far from the seashore).


Mundomar is a marine and exotic animal park and a dolphinarium.
It is a place for the protection of Mediterranean Marine animals. Animals in the park: dolphins, turtles, sea lions, lemurs, parrots, penguins, meerkats, etc.

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